FUYL Tower
Mount Vernon Campus -


Choose a locker that is available to use, the door will be open.

Plug in your device to the power outlet or USB port inside the locker, depending on what type of cable you use for your device ( You need to supply your own cables) , and then shut the locker door.

Lock your device in the locker by pushing the door shut firmly, not slamming it.

Enter its number on the keypad, then enter a random 4 digit PIN code and repeat, follow the directions on the keypad.

Insecure Pins are PIN Codes which are composed of sequential digits (eg: 1234, 6543) or which are all the same digits(eg:2222, 8888) are considered insecure, and the user will be prompted to provide another PIN Code.

When you return to retrieve your device, enter the locker number on the keypad and push “Enter”, then enter the PIN code you assigned to your locker, push “Enter”. The door to your locker will pop open.

When attempting to unlock a locker, the user will be given 3 pin entry attempts. If 3 incorrect attempts are made, that locker will be disabled. You will need to go see security or call the Help Desk at 360-416-7766.

Follow the directions on the keypad. You are responsible to remember your PIN code . You can use the same PIN code each time you charge your device, or you can make up a new PIN code each time you use the tower. The tower will not remember the codes after each use. Admins of this tower will not have the data available to them either.

If you forget your PIN code , you will need to go to Security and have them unlock the locker you used. Be prepared to provide ID and a description of the device inside. The time retrieving your devise might take awhile, so remember your PIN code that you gave it, it is important.

If no one is available in security, call 416-7766 and ask for assistance.

Email Student Life for more information
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